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קריירה בשב"כ
  • 12/01/2022
    The ISA have been looking into a secret Iranian Espionage Network that recruited Israeli women
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    Founded by Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri. Identified with the Global Jihad movement, which aims to spread Islam and to create an Islamic caliphate – that is, to institute government throughout the world on the basis of Islamic law. According to Al-Qaeda’s views, every Muslim is obligated to participate in “jihad” in order to return Islam to the status it deserves. For this reason, jihad is not directed only against infidels, the non-Muslims, but also against Arab and Muslim governments who stray from the correct Islamic path by tending toward the West and adopting “Western” values including nationalism, democracy, constitutions and elections. Al-Qaeda believes in a total and uncompromising war against its enemies, and according to its view, the entire planet is a legitimate sphere of fighting and any and all means are valid in order to achieve the goal (including the use of non-conventional weapons and the targeting of civilians). Al-Qaeda has been responsible for a large number of mega-terror attacks, most prominently the September 11th attacks in the US, as well as a series of attacks on American and Western targets in Africa, the Persian Gulf and Europe and attacks on Jewish and Israeli targets, including synagogues around the world (Djerba, Tunisia in 2002; Istanbul, Turkey in 2003). The organization recruits its supporters on the basis of shared ideology, and uses the internet as a primary tool in this effort. In recent years, terror infrastructures inspired by al-Qaeda and identified with Global Jihad have been established in many countries, including in the Middle East (Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt). The terror infrastructures in Iraq and in North Africa are especially prominent; these are linked directly to al-Qaeda leadership and Bin Laden. The concepts of Global Jihad have been disseminated in the “territories” and among Israeli Arabs, and there has been an increase in the number of incidents in which isolated activists or local terror infrastructures (especially in the Gaza Strip) have contacted al-Qaeda activists in order to join propaganda and operational actions, with the ultimate aim of carrying out terror attacks against Israeli targets. In the Gaza Strip, a large number of terror organizations act according to the Global Jihad/ al-Qaeda ideology, including the “Army of Islam” and "Fatah al-Islam in Palestine". Furthermore, smaller groups who have adopted this ideology act primarily against foreign citizens and institutions (such as Christian institutions), and against "overly secular" ways of life (attacking internet cafes and mixed-bathing beaches).
  • 5/27/2024 1:05:42 AM