2/24/2024 2:54:39 PM
קריירה בשב"כ

Attempt to Smuggle Explosives into Israel Foiled

The following has been cleared for publication: This morning (Wednesday, 19 April 2017), at Erez Crossing, Defense Ministry Crossings Authority security inspectors seized explosives used in the production of IEDs.

The explosives were hidden in tubes labelled "medical materials."

The tubes were found during a security inspection, at the crossing, of the tools of two sisters, residents of the Gaza Strip, and were dealt with by Israel Police sappers.

The sisters' entry into Israel had been approved in order that one could receive treatment for the cancer from which she suffers.

A preliminary ISA investigation revealed that the explosives were sent by Hamas. It is believed that they were to be used in Hamas terrorist attacks in the near future.

The foregoing attests to the ongoing efforts by terrorist organizations based in the Gaza Strip, especially Hamas, to exploit Israel's humanitarian initiatives and the medical assistance that it provides to residents of the Gaza Strip, in order to perpetrate attacks in Israel.

The ISA investigation of the two sisters is continuing.

2/24/2024 2:54:39 PM