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קריירה בשב"כ

Yoram Cohen

Yoram Cohen was born in 1960 and grew up in Tel Aviv.

He is a graduate of the Yeshiva Highschool, Midreshet Noam, in Pardes Hana.

IDF – served in the Golani Reconnaissance Unit


1996 – BA – Political Science, Haifa University

2001 – MA - Political Science, Haifa University

2008 – Wharton's Executive Development Program, University of Pennsylvania

ISA Career

1982 – Joined the ISA as a security officer for ISA case officers in Judea and Lebanon

1983 – Arabic Language School (Ulpan) – graduated as an ISA case officer in the Arab sector

1983 – 1989 – Case officer in the Binyamin region; in 1984 – case officer in Lebanon

1989 – 1991 – Case officer of the Ramallah district

1991 – Appointed head of the operational desk department in Judea and East Jerusalem

1996 – Appointed Head of the CT sub-division in Judea and East Jerusalem

1999 – Appointed Deputy Head of the Arab and Islamic Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence Division and in 2001 was promoted to lead this division

2003 - Appointed Head of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria Field Office.

2005 – Appointed Deputy of the ISA Director and filled this position until 2008. This position entails responsibility for policy formulation, as well as decision making on the build-up and employment of force. As part of this position, he was also a senior partner in decision making processes on diverse organizational topics: budget, multi-annual planning, establishment of advanced management concepts, strategic analysis of the organization's challenges and the required response.

2008 – 2009 – A visiting fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

2009 – Leader of a project aimed at formulating the concept of management at the ISA

2010 – Headed a team that shaped the cyber-SigInt vision for the next decade

2011 – Appointed ISA Director and filled this position until May 2016

2/24/2024 2:01:00 PM