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קריירה בשב"כ

Avraham Ben-Dor

Avraham Ben-Dor was born in 1928 in Vienna, Austria, immigrated to Israel in 1939, and moved to Tel Aviv, where he resides until the present. In 1946 he was recruited to the "Palmach" and served in the maritime force in Kibbutz Yagur and Kibbutz Ma'oz Hayyim. Upon the outbreak of the War of Independence he fought in the battles of Mishmar Ha-emeq and the liberation of the Galilee, as well as in Lod, Ramle, Latrun and in the battles of the Negev.
He was discharged from the IDF at the end of 1949 and in 1950 he was recruited to the ISA.

In the ISA
1950 - positioned in the Operations Division in Haifa,
1951 - took a leave of absence in order to complete his matriculation exams.
He returned to the ISA a few months later in order to command the operations unit in the south until its closure.
1952 - appointed commander of the Jerusalem Operations Division.
1954 - sent by Isser Harel on a mission to Europe, where he was stationed for three years.
1959 – returned to the ISA Operations Division following an additional two year of leave of absence during which he served in the position of operations officer and deputy director of a division in the Mossad, following which he was appointed head of the Operations Division.
1972 - appointed commander of the Security Division following the Munich Olympics Massacre.
1980 - appointed ISA Director
1986 – retired from the ISA following the expose of the "Bus 300" Affair
7/23/2024 4:49:57 AM