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קריירה בשב"כ

Avraham Ahituv

Avraham Ahituv was born in 1930 in Germany with the name Avraham Gottfried.
At the age of five, he immigrated with his family to Israel. Ahituv, who was a student in the Kfar Ha-Ro'eh seminary, joined the Haganah at sixteen, and from there continued to the Internal Intelligence Service, which was founded during the War of Independence and later became the Israel Security Agency. During that period he changed his last name from Gottfried to Ahituv.

In the ISA
1949 - joined the ISA. During his service he completed his high school matriculation test, as well as a B.A. and a masters’ degree in law, summa cum laude. He served in a number of key positions.
1961 - served as director of a Mossad branch abroad.
1974 - appointed ISA Director
1980 - retired from the ISA after thirty-one years of service.

2/24/2024 3:14:57 PM