6/23/2024 1:35:49 PM
קריירה בשב"כ

Information technology

The Israeli Security Agency (ISA) is a leading intelligence, technological, and operational organization in the intelligence community in Israel and worldwide.

Approximately a quarter of ISA's employees are technologically oriented. ISA's technological units create and develop a variety of operational solutions in the fields of cyber, mobile, big data, and more. Placed firmly at the forefront of technology, these tools serve as indispensable means of disrupting terror and espionage threats.​

The Information Systems Technology division is in charge of developing new and innovative systems and infrastructures in the field of intelligence/operational technology. These systems are integrated into ISA's core activities, helping fulfill the agency's tasks and mission.

Taking up complex challenges, the Information Systems Technology division has developed sophisticated technologies for highlighting information relevant to the prevention and disruption of terrorist activity. These capabilities are unique to ISA and considered state-of-the-art in the industry and the intelligence community. 

The Information Systems Technology division works on innovative developments in fields such as computer vision, speech recognition, data mining, and Neural language processing, using the most advanced technology currently available on the market: SDx, virtualization, automation, and more.

The division is constantly expanding its capabilities to navigate the growing amount, variety, and pace of information inflow. Machine learning-based capabilities and deep neural networks algorithms developed in the division allow better and clearer identification of events of interest to intelligence and operations experts.

Employees of the Information Systems Technology division are involved in various operational activities. A strong connection to fieldwork is necessary for them to understand its technological requirements as they arise, and offer optimized TTM solutions.
The systems and infrastructures developed by the division are crucial weapons in ISA's effort to obtain important intelligence in real time and disrupt terrorist intentions in advance.

In recent years, the Information Systems Technology division has received several intelligence/operational achievement awards from the Prime Minister of Israel for major developments that have significantly contributed to state security.

Interaction with fieldwork – a strong connection to on-the-ground activity that allows the division to produce efficient systems in short time frames. Technologically oriented employees of the division know the ins and outs of the Special Operations division and are able to aid its activity, take part in it, and lead where necessary. The connection between fieldwork requirements and technological knowledge allows the division to generate unique solutions.

6/23/2024 1:35:49 PM