6/23/2024 2:05:30 PM
קריירה בשב"כ


and Cyber Division

ISA's Technology and Cyber division is responsible for initiating, developing, and producing advanced technological tools for intelligence collection, for the purpose of counteracting terrorism, espionage, and domestic subversion against the State of Israel and its interests. 
To fulfill its mission, the division fuses intelligence collection with technology.
At the division, the best experts in various fields of technology and science work together to develop capabilities and tools that lead to technological breakthroughs and impressive intelligence and operational achievements.

The integration of technology in ISA activity is an engine of organizational growth and a force multiplier.  
ISA invests substantial funds in independent development of innovative technological capabilities, while simultaneously working on large-scale development and infrastructure projects with leading companies in the technological industry in Israel and worldwide. 

The Technology and Cyber division has the unique ability to work on technologically challenging projects in an operational environment and on a tight schedule, while planning infrastructural technological solutions for the future. 

Development of advanced systems by the division is made possible by a mix of professional knowledge in various fields, including: 
1. Reverse engineering and pen testing. 
2. Vulnerability search. 
3. Advanced development in the core of operating systems in mobile, PC, and embedded environments.
4. Communications analysis.
5. Low-level coding.
6. High system engineering capabilities. 
7. RF capabilities and in-depth knowledge in the field of antennae for all frequencies. 
8. Signal processing.
9. Video processing.
10. Real-time processing and analysis. 
11. High mechanical capabilities in the field of machining. 

The work of the Technology and Cyber division is rooted in partnership and interchange of ideas. The division's unceasing work on new challenges offers its technological experts fertile ground for development, a conducive working environment, and self-fulfillment stemming from a sense of duty and contribution to the State of Israel.  
ISA constantly strives to recruit the best experts, creating for them an inspiring professional environment in a stimulating workplace.  
6/23/2024 2:05:30 PM