2/24/2024 1:35:05 PM
קריירה בשב"כ

Core Values

of the Israel Security Agency

1. The Israel Security Agency is the national organization charged with the defense of the state of Israel, its institutions and its democratic governance, against the threats of terror, espionage, political subversion, and the exposure of state secrets. 
2. ISA employees are citizens of the state accountable to the law and loyal to democratic values, who are subject to the tenets of the civil service as well as ISA regulations. 
3. Execution of the mission of the ISA and the exercise of its authority require its employees to act according to core values which reflect the spirit of the ISA and the traditional values of the state of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. 
4. These core values guide ISA employees in their work, and aid them in cases of professional and/or ethical ambiguity.
5. ISA employees shall act according to fundamental values: commitment to their mission, leadership through example, professionalism, openness, friendship and cooperation. In particular, ISA employees shall act according to the following core values:
a. Allegiance: ISA employees shall conduct themselves as loyal   representatives of the state, serving the state impartially, according to the rule of law and with respect for the principles of democratic governance.
b. Restraint of Power: ISA employees shall exercise the authority invested in them for the performance of their function in a considered and appropriate manner, with consideration for fundamental rights and human dignity. 
c. Discretion: ISA employees shall perform their function with discretion and shall not reveal  any information in their possession other than what is required for their role.
d. Circumspection: ISA employees shall perform their functions and form their professional judgments only following thorough and detailed examination of the relevant information and appropriate consideration of the situation.
e. Integrity: ISA employees shall speak the truth, report and testify truthfully, behave honestly with their colleagues in the ISA and shall maintain a high standard of integrity in their actions. 
2/24/2024 1:35:05 PM