7/23/2024 4:42:44 AM
קריירה בשב"כ


In addition to their daily work, ISA employees do important volunteering work for the community.
Since its earliest days, ISA has made community work a key priority. Every year, ISA employees engage in various activities that benefit the community.
Our commitment to this cause includes activities and initiatives that aid disadvantaged sectors of the population. 
Some of the activities carried out by ISA are:
• Cleaning and painting the homes of low-income families.
• Cleaning, painting, and tidying refuges for troubled adolescents.
• Donating toys and household items to victims of domestic violence in women's shelters.
• Distributing food packages to low-income families before the holiday season.
• Donating school supplies and backpacks.
• Distributing Purim gift sets to injured soldiers and Holocaust survivors in care homes.
7/23/2024 4:42:44 AM