Since its founding, the operations and achievements of the Israeli Security Agency have been intertwined with the history of the State of Israel. These operations are carried out under a heavy veil of secrecy, captured by the organization’s motto – The Unseen Shield.
While visiting this website you will be able to catch a glimpse of this captivating clandestine world – reading up-to-date intelligence assessments and accounts of present and past security-related cases, and learning about landmark events and chapters in Israel’s history. You will also find on this site various career opportunities for those wishing to take part in a remarkably compelling endeavor.
The State of Israel faces numerous difficult and complex security challenges. Ever since the ISA was established, it has worked to safeguard the security of Israel and its citizens, while upholding the ideals of democracy and the spirit of Jewish history.   
Throughout its existence, the ISA has operated in numerous arenas, providing the appropriate professional and effective solutions in each one. As a leading operational and technologically-oriented security Agency, we put much emphasis on innovation, creativity and proficiency, alongside ongoing development of new capabilities.
ISA employees work day in and day out, in secrecy, to secure state secrets and counter threats posed by terrorism, cyber attacks, foreign espionage, and domestic subversion. ISA has also had close and valuable collaborations with partner services in the intelligence community worldwide, and with Israel’s various security forces.
We will continue to strive for operational achievements, and go to great lengths to meet ISA’s objectives and protect the State of Israel and its citizens.
Director, Israeli Security Agency
Nadav Argaman​