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Terms of Usage and Disclaimers

The Prime Minister’s Office of the state of Israel (henceforth: the Office) provides the information on this online service/ on an informational site on the internet (henceforth: the service) according to the following conditions. The term “user” refers to any individual who connects to this service.

According to Israeli copyright law, and in accordance with international agreements, the copyright of Office publications, including those published on this service, belong to the state of Israel. The copyright pertains to text, pictures, illustrations, maps, sound clips, video clips, graphics and program applications (henceforth: protected material) unless it is explicitly stated that the copyright of protected material belongs to another party.
The user is permitted to make appropriate usage of the protected material, according to the rules established in law. Appropriate usage includes reasonable citation from this protected material.
The source of the citation must be noted, whether the source is the Office or another party. The user is prohibited from carrying out any misrepresentation, distortion or other such change of the protected material, or any other activity causing denigration in the value of the protected material, and which could damage the reputation of the owner of the copyright.
In accordance with copyright law, the user is prohibited from copying, redistributing, retransmitting or publication of protected material, without advance written agreement from the Office.
The site includes photos from the 2007 photograph bank of Jupiterimages Corporation, as well as photographs from the database of the Government Press Office, the army spokeperson, and the Spielberg Archive.

The service is presented to the public “as is".
The state of Israel is not responsible for adaptation of the service to the user’s needs. Likewise, the state of Israel disclaims liability for errors in the material presented in the service.
The state of Israel disclaims liability for changes made in the material presented in the service by the user or by any third party.
The user alone bears responsibility for his usage of the service.
The state of Israel disclaims liability for any damage caused to the user or to any third party as a direct or indirect result of use of the service, including damage caused as a result of the use of program applications downloaded directly through the service or activated as a result of the use of the service, including internet applications such as Java, Javascript, and Active-X.
Regarding this clause, “the state of Israel” includes its employees, representatives and any individual empowered to act on its behalf.

This service contains links to external sites. The following regulations apply to the use of these links, and do not limit the other terms of usage and disclaimers.
The links are intended only for the convenience of the user.
Regarding links to external sites which do not belong to the state of Israel (henceforth: third party sites): Unless it is otherwise indicated in this site, the Office has no legal or commercial ties to the owners of third party sites, nor does the Office control or have the rights to the material on these sites.
The state of Israel disclaims liability for the contents of the material found on third party sites.
The inclusion of links to third party web sites  does not  indicate approval, authorization, recommendation or preference by the state of Israel or the Office of the linked sites and the documents and material contained therein, nor of the organizations sponsoring the sites or of the commercial products which appear in them.
At the time of the inclusion of each link in this service, the material in the linked site was found appropriate for the purposes of the Office, and the hyperlink itself was found to be operative. However, it is possible that with time, changes occur in the linked site.

Privacy Rights
Personal information which is transmitted to the Office via this service will be maintained confidential according to the instruction of the Protection of Privacy Act, 1981.

Official Publications of the State of Israel
In the case of contradiction or inconsistency between the material published on the service and that which appears in written official publications of the state of Israel, only the material appearing in such official publications will be considered accurate.