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Ami Ayalon
Ami Ayalon - Director of the Israel Security Agency between the years 1996-2000
Ami Ayalon  

Ami Ayalon was born in 1945. He completed his army service in the Navy.
In 1963 he joined "Shayetet 13," the Israeli naval commando. In 1969 he participated in the commando invasion of the Green Island, and was severely wounded. He received a medal of honor for his part in the invasion.
In 1979 he was appointed Commander of "Shayetet 13" and received the Medal of Honor for having carried out twenty-two consecutive commando operations with no casualties.
In 1992 he was appointed commander of the navy and promoted to the rank of major general. In 1995 he concluded his service and retired from the army.

In the ISA
1996 - appointed ISA Director following the Rabin assassination. During his term, Ayalon acted to rehabilitate the organization and its public image.
2000 – retired from the ISA.


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