Fatalities and injuries in the last decade
Throughout the present conflict, since September 29, 2000, and until the end of 2009, 1,178 people had been killed and 8,022 injured, as a result of terror attacks executed by Palestinians.

Distribution of fatalities of Palestinian terror since the beginning of the present conflict


Distribution of casualties (injuries) since the beginning of the present conflict



Most fatalities occurred as a result of suicide attacks: 516 people (43.8 percent of the overall number of fatalities); small arms attacks: 313 people (26.5 percent); and explosive device attacks: 98 fatalities (8.3 percent).

Other murderous patterns, some closely related to suicide attacks were: mass-murder attacks by shooting: 80 people (about 6.8 percent of the overall number of fatalities), explosive car-bomb: 38 people (3.2 percent).
High trajectory shooting (rockets and mortar shells) from the Gaza Strip towards Israel started, later becoming predominant course of action, demanding the lives of 32 people, who make up 2.7 percent of all fatalities.


Diagram - Distribution of highest number of fatalities


As aforesaid the patterns demanding highest number of lives (suicide, small arms shooting and explosive devices) killed 927 people, who are 79 percent of the overall fatalities. 21 percent (251 people) were killed in additional patterns:


 Distribution of fatalities in the present conflict according to additional patterns



Note: detailed information on the number of fatalities in the present conflict, compared to the previous decade (1990-Sept. 2000) in various profiles can be seen in the review "Fatalities as a result of Palestinian Terrorism"