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Rocket fire compared to rounds of escalation that took place in 2011

During the latest round of escalation in southern Israel in March 2012, a record number of rockets – over 280 launchings – were fired toward Israel from the Gaza Strip. This number reflects a significant increase in rocket fire compared to rounds of escalation that took place in 2011.


Five rounds of escalation involving intensified rocket fire toward southern Israel took place during 2011. Not all of them were of equal intensity. The severest rounds of escalation took place in April (137 rockets) and in August, following the combined terrorist attack at the Israeli-Egyptian border near Eilat (181 rockets).


The number of rockets fired toward Israel during the first round of escalation of 2012 represents an increase by approximately 55% compared to the August 2011 round, and by over 105% compared to the April 2011 round.


Another characteristic of the March 2012 round is the increased use of long-range rocket fire toward the Israeli inland. Almost a third of the rockets fired during the latest round of escalation (86 out of 281) were long-range rockets. In August 2011, on the other hand, long-range rockets made up approximately a quarter of the number of launchings against Israel (45 out of 181). In October 2011, however, almost half of the rockets fired toward Israel were long-range ones (19 out of 39).



Below is a comparison chart for the number of general and long-range rocket launchings during the aforementioned rounds of escalation:



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