Monthly Summary – September 2013

The main increase is noted in Judea and Samaria with 104 attacks, as opposed to 68 in August. Two prominent attacks occurred this month – one in Samaria and another in Judea, where two IDF soldiers were killed (see below).

Other areas kept similar numbers of attacks – the Gaza Strip with 4 attacks, as opposed to 5 in August, and Jerusalem with 25 attacks, as opposed to 26 in August.


This month, two Israelis were killed: an IDF soldier who was lured by a Palestinian illegal alien who had worked with the soldier in Bat Yam, to travel with the Palestinian to Beit Amin / Qalqiliyah, where he was murdered (September 21), and an IDF soldier who was shot dead near Hebron's Cave of the Patriarchs (September 22).




Data regarding terror attacks in September 2013

Following is a regional distribution of attacks:


4 attack from the Gaza Strip (5 in August); 104 attacks in the Judea and Samaria (68 in August); 25 attacks in Jerusalem (26 in August).


Jerusalem and the Judea and Samaria area: Most attacks executed in September (117 out of 129) were in the form of firebombs (August: 72 out of 93).



Distribution of attacks according to regions and pattern profile:

Following is a distribution of attacks in September 2013 according to regions:


The Gaza Strip – 4 attacks: 3 rocket launchings; 1 IED. 
Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem – 129 attacks: 7 IED; 4 small arms shootings; 1 kidnapping and murder; 117 firebombs (25 in Jerusalem).




High-trajectory launchings from Gaza Strip and Sinai
Throughout September 2013 8 rockets were launched towards Israel, in 3 attacks, as opposed to August: 5 rockets (in 4 attacks) 1 of them from Sinai toward Eilat.

September 2013 saw a sharp increase in the number of terror attacks: 133 attacks as opposed to 99 in August.
This month, two Israelis were killed