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Monthly Summary – November 2013
November 2013 saw an increase in the number of terror attacks: 167 attacks as opposed to 136 in October.

The main increase is noted in Judea and Samaria with 107 attacks as opposed to 99 in October; as well as an increase in Jerusalem with 53 attacks as opposed to 32 in October. The Gaza Strip kept a similar number of attacks as in October with five attacks.


Two stabbing attacks were noted this month. Both had occurred within the Green Line area. They resulted in the death of an Israeli soldier who was stabbed in Afula (November 13), and a female Israeli soldier lightly injured in Jaffa (November 22).


Additionally, 3 Israeli citizens were injured this month: a female baby aged circa two sitting in a vehicle sustained moderate injuries caused by Palestinian stone-throwers near Armon Hanatziv neighborhood  in Jerusalem (November 28); and a couple sustained light injuries as a result of firebomb thrown at their vehicle which caught fire near Teqoa (Judea). 



Data regarding terror attacks in November 2013

Following is a regional distribution of attacks:


5 attack from the Gaza Strip (as in October); 107 attacks in the Judea and Samaria (99 in October); 53 attacks in Jerusalem (32 in October); 2 attacks within the "Green Line".


Jerusalem and the Judea and Samaria area: Most attacks executed in November 135 out of 160 were in the form of firebombs (October: 116 out of 131). 



Distribution of attacks according to regions and pattern profile:

Following is a distribution of attacks in November 2013 according to regions:


The Gaza Strip – 5 attacks: 4 mortar shell launchings; 1 firebomb towards IDF patrol near Kfar Aza. 
Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem – 160 attacks: 21 IED; 2 small arms shootings; 2 object/stone throwing; 135 firebombs (47 in Jerusalem).


Green Line – 2 stabbing attacks (in Afula and Jaffa).



High-trajectory launchings from Gaza Strip and Sinai

Throughout November 2013 5 mortar shells were launched towards Israel, in 4 attacks, as opposed to October: 3 rockets and 2 mortar shells (in 3 attacks).


3 Israeli citizens were injured this month


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